Mad Head, der Entwickler von Pagan Online hat heute die Patchnotes für den morgen erscheinenden Patch veröffentlicht. Darin enthalten: Der Koop-Modus!

„The first iteration of co-op is here! We had it during The Trials, but there were some technical issues with it so it wasn’t ready for Early Access. Now it’s making a return in its first iteration. For now, you can play any side mission or assassination in co-op. The campaign is not playable co-operatively. There might be some bugs and glitches. If you find any, please report them back to us so we can fix them ASAP.

The maximum number of players is currently two. We also have matchmaking in place, which means when you queue up for a mission type, you will be matched with players playing heroes of a similar level.

How can I play a mission or assassination?

Group with another player in the Pantheon via the Party menu. You can invite people from your local Pantheon instance, or you can add people to your friends list and invite from there. You can also go to the Looking For Player (LFP) tab and make yourself available for all players to see and invite you.

What is planned for co-op in the future?

4 player co-op: we’ve been testing it and it works almost at an optimal level
Quality of life: at the moment, co-op can be a bit hectic as it lacks UI that would help players distinguish what is going on during battle. Things like “teleport to encounter” indicators, health bars, player character indicators, etc.
Optimization: getting that smooth experience is a top priority for us, so there will be more work on network and general optimization
Balancing: additional balancing for co-op will be required and it’s something that we will continuously do
Designing fun: synergy between heroes, special systems for co-op only, special rewards and drops and all that good stuff will come once the majority of bugs are fixed and we are satisfied with the overall experience and balance.“

Am Freitag im Stream können Marris und ich dann endlich zusammen zocken. Geilo!


    • Momentan ist Level 30 das Maximum und neuer Content ist in weiter Ferne, da kann man eben aktuell nichts erwarten 🙁 Hab schon drei Chars auf Level 30 mit lvl 40+ gear und gar nichts mehr zu tun, da es eben noch kein end game Inhalt gibt.

  1. Hoffentlich schmeißen die den 4 Spieler Coorp realtiv zügig nach. Auch die Kampagne in Multiplayer wäre eigentlich ziemlich nice.


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